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  • tash

    I'm new to this site (and not a really experienced retoucher) and I'm not sure if I'm posting to the right place on the site.
    Can anyone help me repair this image with light leak?

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    Re: tash

    In CC, there are numerous ways, from channel blending in darker modes, dodge/burn, to curves adjustments.
    I started with a selection of the lighted area, set colour samplers both inside and outside of the selection and used curves to match the RGB values. Using a mask to apply will get you fairly close. The clone tool and/or healing brush will nicely blend in or fill any areas that don't look right to you.
    Copy/Paste is another route. Make a feather selection of the 'good grass', copy it to a new layer and place it wherever it look right. Play with the opacity levels and the blend modes.

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      Re: tash

      Thanks Gary,
      I tried to correct it using the channels but because the colour of the light leak is not uniform, I only managed to correct some of the grass.
      Would I need to use a graduated mask to fix the different colours separately, or is there another way?
      And do I make a graduated mask just by making a selection then applying a gradient filter to it?
      Thanks lots for your help.


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