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  • Cream colored b&w

    Hello all.
    Years ago???? I used to use matte papers in the darkroom that had different textures, surfaces and colors. I uses a warm tone paper called cream and I would like to duplicate that and other colors. Duotone seems to be the process to use and I am wondering if anybody has tried this and what colors and intensities I could start with. I have worked on it extensively but am unable to make it work in the highlites and shadows. Anybody help. Thanks.

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    A more accurate translation of colored paper to the digital world would be a fill layer set to color blending mode, fill with brown and turn down the opacity.

    Duotone would be more for replicating toned images, where the silver has a different tone than the paper, such as a bluish image on neutral white paper (duo-tone=two tones).
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      You will find that you will be happier if you can find a paper that has a cream base - I like the Legion Sommerset Photo Enhanced Velvet, but I don't think it will be warm enough for what you want


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        You might want to try this. On a new grayscale doc, fill a dupe layer with white. Go to image> mode>duotone and choose duo or tri tone with base black, yellowish, orangy. Go to layer style and choose gradient overlay. Play with the settings there and in the tone tool till you get what you like. When you click ok on the layer style, your doc should have the tone you chose. Here is a quick example that still needs some gradient tweeking.
        I don't think it's what you really want, but what the heck, try it out.
        I'll post the ex in the next message. Can't do it on an edit.
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          here it is
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