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cracked and crazed medallion

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  • cracked and crazed medallion

    Is there a way to retouch the crazing on this medallion, the plastic has fused to the image ,the crack is no problem. I have been using cloning and spotting on every crack with reasonable success but is there another way. I had to photograph it because it did not scan very well because of the convex surface of the medallion. The hard part was around the mouth area. all the best Les Rigby Australia
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    Re: cracked and crazed medallion


    Looks like frequency separation could be worth a try. If you like to make a full size image available and PM the link I am happy to have a go at it



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      Re: cracked and crazed medallion

      Well I think for starters I would re photograph the medallion. There is light reflection on the left side of the photo. Perhaps take multiple photos using a polaroid filter and multiple light adjustments.

      As far as the restoration of the photo it looks like the healing brush, cloning etc is what needs to be done. What you might try is to copy the layer in photoshop and use darken as the blending mode and then on the top layer move the top photo one pixel up and one pixel to the right. Sometimes that helps.


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        Re: cracked and crazed medallion

        Well after rephotographing the medallion I would recommend selecting the photo that is on the top part of the tear and copy that to a new layer. Then move the top layer down to line it up properly with the photo.

        Using the healing brush, find a part of the face that is fine and use that as a starting point to heal. The advantage of that is that it will preserve texture.

        In the enclosure I did copy the top part and moved it down to line up the lip and other parts of the photo and started using the healing brush primarily
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          Re: cracked and crazed medallion

          thankyou philbach i tided your sujestion and came up with this image do you think it could be better. all the best les
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            Re: cracked and crazed medallion

            I can see you have done a lot of work on this already. Well I don't like the "spots" Also the background is gone. The background looks like the photo was taken in front of a curtain. So to reproduce the background you need to work in vertical lines on restoring the background. Another option is to make a false background.
            To do that select the brighter color from the background on the photo place that as the foreground color in photoshop. Next select the darker color from the photo for the background. Next select the gradient tool in photoshop and select difference for the Mode on the menu bar with the gradient tool selected. Then start going across the photo. You need to play with it some to get it right. When done you can place that as a layer above the photo and use a mask to mask out the foreground.
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              Re: cracked and crazed medallion

              Once again thank you for your valued assistance Philbach i tried to emulate what you had done with the background but could not get the same as yours but i ended up with a darker background which i don't mind . thank-you and all the best Les rigby Australia
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