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Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

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  • Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

    I got pretty far on this photo - an armature attempt and surely not as good as many of you can do ... but I am just having trouble with the upper right area of the tree there is a glare / bluish haze area i think from scanning - not sure how to describe this but I am sure you can see what I am referring to. When I try to work in this area it feels like I am just making it all black and losing some tree texture. Any suggestions would so be appreciated!!

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    Re: Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

    Hi felinawi
    Hard to know without seeing the original yet it does seem as you said that that part of the issue is from the reflection/scanning process. It often happens where the scan light catches the texture quite nicely which of course creates lots of issues for post processing.

    Best to start with the best possible image before post processing

    - scan the image also at 90 degrees from first scan and 180 degrees and see if one of them does not have the scan artifacts

    - One can also use the copy stand approach with camera and lights at 45 degrees or custom adjusted to get rid of the texture reflection. One step higher is to have the lights of the copy stand go through polarizing filters and also have a polarizing filter on your lens all adjusted to minimize the texture reflection

    - Another approach that helps (you may have already done this) is to make sure you scan in 16 bit and save as TIFF. A lot more margin to pull out details from bright and dark areas.

    The upper right area right now has little leaf detail and it is possible that the original image has little detail to yield.

    There are some other techniques yet thought the above would be a good starting point for suggestions. Hope the info is useful.


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      Re: Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

      All good suggestions by John Wheeler. That is provided you have the original and the capability of rescanning.


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        Re: Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

        I would say that - based upon your posted work - there probably isn't much detail left in the original in the tree areas anyway. BUT I could be wrong. You definitely have a blue haze going on, and most likely picked up by a scan.

        All that said, I think at this point your best option would be to simply burn down the hazing areas (Burn & Dodge tools) - and since this is hand colored black & white anyway. Kind of do your own hand tinting by using your brush tool loaded with a dark neutral green - and paint in color mode. Sort of like what I attached.
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          Re: Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

          Hi John and Daygraphics - sorry for the delay ... the system was not telling me I had responses... and I forgot all about following up on my post. Thank you so much to both of you for replying ... I am not able to rescan ... but I truly appreciate the help and advice. I will use your tips daygraphics! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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            Re: Need Help with Upper Right Tree Area

            I gave it a shot with the color deconvolution plug-in from, since this is quite like silvering (a reflective problem). Of course it's by far the best to acquire the image again, but as you can see (top part original, processed part below) things can be improved quite a bit. The same process was applied to every pixel, no brush was used.
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