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Improving Black & White restoration

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  • Pixelshaw
    Re: Improving Black & White restoration

    You can also try highlights and shadows on a duplicated layer and blend that as necessary.

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  • 3pco
    Re: Improving Black & White restoration

    If you want to get some detail in the background, you cold try running a photoshop hdr toning filter on the thing. If there's anything there to bring out, it will reveal it in an oversharpened, hdr-like layer, and you can see if you can blend in the results

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  • Colan
    started a topic Improving Black & White restoration

    Improving Black & White restoration

    I found this damaged old photo at my mothers. My father is one of the guys in it. I think it dates from the mid 1950's

    As you can see it was taken inside a pub or amusement arcade and is very dark with little light except the faces. I have tried to repair and bring out the figures as best as I could, but just managed to make the image very dark and flat.

    Any help on how to brighten the image up and make the people stand out a bit more

    Thanks in advance
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