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  • Red photo

    Hi, I'm new to posting here and I'm working on a picture of my grandparents. The picture has an awful red cast to it. I've attached the before and my work in process. Any tips or helps on how to improve the picture would be appreciated.
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    Re: Red photo

    You did a really good job there and the picture is 99% ready.

    Trouble is, you did all the difficult work and forgot the easy stuff!
    Happens a lot to me when I show work to my wife. I'm all proud because I did something very clever and she only looks at the little things I left behind!

    In your case it's the little threads on the lady's forehead and chest, a blue stain on the dress. Also white spots on the trousers and general blotches in the background.
    Trust me, those are the first things those "untrained" eyes will notice.

    Welcome aboard!


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      Re: Red photo

      Thanks so much Ro, I really appreciate the feedback. I was working on the tones first and then I'm going to clean it up. Do you know if there is any information about skin tones anywhere, they seem to be a little off. I'm going to try a warming filter and see what that does.


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        Re: Red photo

        Just a little color
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          Re: Red photo

          Chililn, what did you do to it? Thanks for the help.


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