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1920's baby photo badly damaged

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  • 1920's baby photo badly damaged

    hi Guys and Gals

    Could use some advice
    with how to fix the face and dress damaged by silverfish ,as there isn't a whole lot to work with .

    thanks you

    W Morris

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    Re: 1920's baby photo badly damaged

    Originally posted by Wayne Morris View Post there isn't a whole lot to work with.
    Can't say that I agree with you there, Wayne.

    The attachment is quite small but, from what I can see, all of the important elements are in quite good shape. Eyes, mouth, hair, ears all present.

    It is, however, not a "simple" fix. You will need a bit of "artistry" to fill in the blanks on the right side of the face. Depending on you normal workflow, you may find this quite easy or extremely difficult - but it is quite "do-able".

    Like I said a few days ago...Just looking at it, you can "see" the original through the damage. Now it's just a case of getting there.

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      Re: 1920's baby photo badly damaged

      had a quick go need lots more work.
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