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WW2 photo restoration advice

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  • WW2 photo restoration advice

    A friend has asked me to sort this picture of his grandfather out for him as he only had a photo of the photo i corrected the perspective and have given it a quick look.
    The damage is fairly limited and should be easy enough to remove the one thing tha is troubling me is there are areas - toward bottom left mostly that are marked (doesnt look like shadow)
    Ive looked in th echannels and none seem particulary helpful in terms of reducing that - are there any other clever ways i could remove it or at least minimise it

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    Re: WW2 photo restoration advice

    Hi Doug
    Dodge and Burn might be a quicker solution than just finding a "clever" way.

    There might be other options yet this is a fairly compressed JPEG which makes attempting some "clever" approaches untenable. Do you have the original uncompressed image (or less compressed JPEG)?


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      Re: WW2 photo restoration advice

      How about masking it and adjusting the levels? That might lighten it some.


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        Re: WW2 photo restoration advice

        Yes I have a better version the upload only allows for 100k image max dodge and burn did cross my mind and likewise masking and lightening that area - just wondered if i was missing something else?


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