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Remove stains of an old photo

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  • Remove stains of an old photo

    hello i wish you could help me restoring this photo i dont know where the begin because the stain in the photo are making this harder, please be gentle im a begginer
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    Re: Revome stains of an old photo

    Maybe select the colored area and try Fill, Content Aware, Color? (=Shift+F5) and at the end when the colors are almost the same, add a black/white adjustment to turn it as B/W?
    I am also a beginner :-)

    Hmmm...maybe this is also a solution for my colored damaged pic in another thread and then apply light/contrast to it later to desaturate the mould.


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      Re: Remove stains of an old photo

      Well it is a black and white photo. I first looked at the individual RGB channels and selected the red channel. I then used a black and white adjustment layer and used the Red filter preset. Next levels to increase the contrast and then a lot of the healing brush and clone tool.
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        Re: Remove stains of an old photo

        This image looks like it should be black and white, or sepia.

        Add a b/w adjustment layer, or/and add a solid colour for a alternative colour tone (i.e. sepia), do this on top of a b/w adjustment layer so that there isn't any colour shift from random colours. Change the blend mode of a solid colour to 'color'

        Just remember to leave colour on top and retouch on the bottom.

        Create a new layer. Clean the image
        Because the colour is removed (b/w adjustment layer, its just luminosity that you need to worry about - with that in mind, dodge and burn the blotchy areas and large spots to remove the patches. You can also copy areas and match using curves to retain texture.
        Add contrast
        Tidy edges and bring back shape etc


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          Re: Remove stains of an old photo

          I had one with water stains and I did much of the tonal correction in Lightroom with the adjustment brush. Then I converted it to black and white (it was a b & w image) to remove the color. I used the healing tools and a little cloning to remove the rest, mostly in her hair. Before After Tutorials I've watched have used curves on them as well as dodging and burning, but I found the adjustment brush in Lightroom worked well in a lot of spots.


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            Re: Remove stains of an old photo

            Here is my look.
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              Re: Remove stains of an old photo

              I simply applied the color deconvolution plug-in from to the whole image twice: first to remove the brown stain and then for the green stain. Takes only a few moments and provides a great start for the more manual work!
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