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Interesting trouble with Illustrator 10

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  • Interesting trouble with Illustrator 10

    The following situation: a while back i have installed Illustrator CS 6 without removing CS3. So, a couple of weeks both worked fine, but then 6 started getting the error while starting: Adobe Illustrator can not run. at the same time CS 3 continues to work normally.
    I have read that such error generates if Adobe Registration Database file has a wrong serial number. But it was said about 8 Win version, and there is a link to a file from a Adobereg.db Windows folder. But I am using Win 2000 and haven't found such file on the disk. Is it a right information? If so what should i do with the registration data (that i still unable to find, actually)?

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    Re: Interesting trouble with Illustrator 10

    If the Adobereg.db file is missing then the application cannot run due to seeing no current licence, similarly with a corrupt .db file applications will not run

    By far the easiest way to deal with this is usually a reinstall of the offending application. Make sure that you have the application serial number to hand first.

    Go through the applications Uninstaller or use ADD/Remove application to completely remove the problem application. Next reboot computer and then reinstall CS6


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      Re: Interesting trouble with Illustrator 10

      Illustrator stores its registration details here:
      c:\Documents and settings\User\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator
      Have a closely look, Tony is right, it should be there. Perhaps it is hidden?

      Do you install all the updates? Either reset the clock for the past year…it really helped me once)

      Well, I suppose Adobereg.db is corrupt, that’s why your AI behaves itself this way. Run ContentRecovery feature. This might help. Or use a third-party. It should be more powerful than build-in feature. I would recommend Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator

      And delete all unnecessary things as pantones, fonts, swatches, startup scripts, disable all plug-ins. Reset settings by the way and run cleaner that can be downloaded from the official adobe site. If nothing works connect with adobe support then, they must help.


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        Re: Interesting trouble with Illustrator 10

        Did you activate it? It will only work for 30 days without activation.
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