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Dark spots and size

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  • Dark spots and size

    Guys, suggestions please? I want to use this to honor my grandmother on my site, but it's too big and there are tons of dark spots. What can I do? Thanks!!
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    Re: Dark spots and size

    I higher res image could produce some pretty good results, but what I did was:

    1. Selected the Blue channel (seemed to have less noise and decent contrast) and made a copy
    2. Altered the levels on the Blue channel copy and tidied up the spots with cloning and healing brushes
    3. Made a new layer using the Blue channel copy and then added the colour back using a color blend layer.
    Tidied up the colors where possible using HSL layers and curves.

    Hope it helps you out. Regarding file size - you'll need to do that yourself, based on the requirements of the site.


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      Re: Dark spots and size

      Well I started by using levels on each individual channel to bring back color and contrast. After that various healing brush tools and clone and painting etc. In this case I also used blur and actually a little too much blur. Oh well.
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        Re: Dark spots and size

        Kevin and Phil, they look great! Thank you so much!!

        I have this new site going and I want to speak to the nostalgia of older recipes such as she made, but also make them healthier when I can and attract moms that are trying to keep kiddos healthy too. Some are gonna take people back and some are gonna be healthy, some will be fun.

        Again, thanks so much. The place is new, but come on over sometime and if you let me know what recipes you'd like to see, I'll make them for you.


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          Re: Dark spots and size

          Here is another one..
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            Re: Dark spots and size

            Originally posted by tlfaruque View Post
            Guys, suggestions please? I want to use this to honor my grandmother on my site, but it's too big and there are tons of dark spots. What can I do? Thanks!!
            In CC, Filer/Noise/ Dust and Scratches, clone tool and healing brush to remove the marks, converted to B&W and used layers in Colour mode to add colour back, smoothing and selective sharpening and curves adjustments for contrast.
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              Re: Dark spots and size

              this is one of those that less tends to be more. in other words, be very careful on this one. it's easy to go overboard. she appears to be an elderly woman and with too much smoothing, noise removal, smudge and even clone, you can easily 'change her age'.


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