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Need damaged photos to restore

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  • Need damaged photos to restore


    I need some damaged photos to work on and practice the different techniques of photo restoration.

    Is there a place on the web where I can buy some digital damaged photos with acceptable resolution?

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    Re: Need damaged photos to retore

    Check out our Archive
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      Re: Need damaged photos to retore

      Thanks Doug.
      Would it be all right to use these images or some of them to show my students how to restore? I am a PS trainer.


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        Re: Need damaged photos to retore

        Try the Library of Congress and National Archive. I work for a publisher who publishes Civil War and World War I and II calendars and worked extensively with the collections. There isn't an image on the site that doesn't need restoration of some sort. Also, the Edward S. Curtis American Indian collection. All the images are in the public domain, so you might find one or two you would like to frame!


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          Re: Need damaged photos to retore

          All the Archives images have been cleared for non-commercial use (ie: you can't sell them, but it's ok to use them in portfolios and to share for practice).

          The LOC idea is a very good one. They have some high-rez scans of very badly damaged images. I've used more than one for our Restoration Challenges.
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            Re: Need damaged photos to retore

            Thanks a million Jim and Doug, I appreciate your help,
            Have a nice day,


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              Re: Need damaged photos to restore

              Hi hani7up,

              You've already been given some good ideas here, in case you are interested, I found that is a useful resource. If you don't already know it, it is a website dedicated to the restoration of photos damaged by Hurricane Sandy in the United States.

              They do it for free, and it is such a great effort and good cause.

              They look for 'volunteers' to help tackle all the damaged photos they receive from families, and they categorise them into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

              All you need to do is show your skills on a beginners one and then you can advance through to help fix the more damaged pieces.

              They scan the images with plenty of resolution and, with authorisation from the family who own the photograph, you can show your restoration of it on your website or to students.

              Could be useful :-)



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                Re: Need damaged photos to restore

                You can search in google as shown in the reference attachment.
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