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I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

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  • I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

    Ok I have 3 double exposed photos and I am less than a novice at Photoshop, the photos are of my 9th birthday so they are sentimental does any one know what I can do or what Photoshop thing I can use. I am so new...
    Since I have no idea what im doing I hope you can see the photos through these links.

    Thank you.

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    Re: I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

    Will you do my restoration/retouch for me: Reminder
    No. This is a site for learning, and we will gladly help you learn to do it yourself. We have a "Image Help" forum just for that purpose. Click on "Forums" on the navbar to get there. There is also a "Classifieds" forum if you're willing to pay one of our members to work on your photo.
    This also goes for persons who are also so naive they don't know boo about the program.
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      Re: I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

      No need to be rude, I didn't ask anyone to do it for me I just don't know what programme to use and I have no idea what the fancy words are that people use when referring to Photoshop. Just because you know how to do something doesn't mean I do.


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        Re: I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

        Originally posted by lurch View Post
        Will you do my restoration/retouch for me: Reminder
        The OP didn't ask for that!

        To the OP, I didn't view your images but I suspect this is going to be a rather difficult task...


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          Re: I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

          Unfortunately there's not a magic button in Photoshop that will fix these (or most other problems). They will require skill and time.

          Good luck!


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            Re: I have 3 double exposed photos. HELP!

            I tried to recover as much as I can seeing that there is no detail and alot of grain.Tell me what you think.I attached one of the pics.
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