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Blueing in scanned photo

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  • Blueing in scanned photo

    I have scanned in some old colour photos and found that colour has broken down in some places giving blue marks. I have heard that the chemistry in the photo breaks down leaving blue spots, which seems to be exacerbated by scratches and oils from the finger. Question is, how to fix. Colour Noise reduction only helps a little (I use lightroom and Photoshop). Attached is a sample without any noise reduction. I understand luminosity and colour masks, but unsure what would work in these examples. Reference to a workflow would help.
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    Re: Blueing in scanned photo

    I am a also a great fan of ImageJ and the FFT technique for removing paper patterns from photos. I note with interest something called Colour Deconvolution. I will look into that and see if it helps.


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      Re: Blueing in scanned photo

      Tried it with the Color deconvolution plug-in

      ~~~~~~~ Original ~~~~~~~ Deconvolution Settings ~~~~~~~ Final Tweeked a bit ~~~
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        Re: Blueing in scanned photo

        Interesting! I utilised a deconvolution plug-in with Image J and removed the blue but the luminosity of the blue remained. This is great. I suspect I should download the trial on my mac and see if I can get it to work.

        I have techniques that minimises the blue, but not like this.


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          Re: Blueing in scanned photo

          Hmmm, the plug-in is Windows Platform only. I would be happy to donate if it worked, but unfortunately this will not help me as I run no windows emulation either.


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