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  • Stain Removal

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some advice. I'm restoring an old photo with a stain and I can't seem to get very satisfactory results trying to remove it. I've tried adjustment layers, colour replacement, colour/hue/sat/lightness matching, object replacement... but I can't make it look any good.

    I think I need to reduced the red/magenta in the stained area but I'm not sure how to do that.

    Image is here:

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    Re: Stain Removal

    I made a lut for you. Just mask the dress back


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      Re: Stain Removal

      Thanks - but I've no idea what to do with that


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        Re: Stain Removal

        Just open it with "color lookup" adj layer


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          Re: Stain Removal

          Ah - that's a Photoshop thing I guess? I should have mentioned I only have Paint Shop Pro...


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            Re: Stain Removal

            Sen me an original image, and I will apply it for you


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              Re: Stain Removal

              Thanks Tulack - the linked image above is the original


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                Re: Stain Removal



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                  Re: Stain Removal

                  Totally brilliant thanks! Much better than my efforts!


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