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Old Photo Restoration WIP -Tips Plz

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  • Old Photo Restoration WIP -Tips Plz

    Hey, im looking for some advice on what else I can do to improve my photo restoration.

    The only thing that was done was auto color/tone/contrast. levels and removed cracks. This pretty much the extent of my restoration abilities. Any other advice what can be done to make this better?

    Images linked here

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    Re: Old Photo Restoration WIP -Tips Plz

    Good morning-
    What a wonderful image! I just looked at the image on my desktop and it appears to have been a colorized image and not this correct?
    I'd love to know what you have done with this image; I as a learner/hobbyist would of course clean up the boo-boos, maybe desaturate then work "up", restoring the colors that are in the image to brighten them a bit.
    Lots of work but worth the time and experience factor.



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      Re: Old Photo Restoration WIP -Tips Plz

      A good restoration is all about seeing things beyond the scratches/damages and rectifying it .

      Cleaning and tone correction is the most important part in restoring an image.

      I would suggest you to convert the image in to black and white and colorize if you are creating a color image rather than trying to change or improve the colors which is there already.

      Also try to sharpen the image using shake reduction tool in the sharpen options.


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