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  • Advice on Where to Start

    There is a lot of fading and other issues but my main question to start is what would be the easiest way to get rid of the liquid / water / splash damage? And thoughts and / or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a link to the image -

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    Re: Advice on Where to Start

    I would start with the "Levels" to darken and then simply start restoring with manual processes including full range of tools (Healing, Dodge, Burn etc). Using the odd filter option to reduce some noise (but probably wont make much difference).

    For me this would be mostly a manual process for restore. Some channel adjustments will help but each person will have different ideas on how to work this one im sure :-)

    I might have a play later, time permitting with your image to see how to improve.


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      Re: Advice on Where to Start

      Also in this image i would definitely replicate the image in multiple layers and add various aspects of effects (levels, saturation etc) and blend each layer differently such as for example linear dodge. The opacity of duplicate layers will then give you a good idea of how it could look moving towards color restore. You can then work on each layer you think is looking better tones. This is an awesome picture by the way. Will look great finished.

      I added a small thumb image to show the quick change using levels and then duplicating layer with linear dodge to new layer...leaving just the time consuming manual retouch to be done.
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