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Feedback/ideas 60's photo in restoration process

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  • Feedback/ideas 60's photo in restoration process

    I have been working at this very damaged photo of my sisters and me taken in the early 60's. Tried all sorts of channel work/blending with minimal success.

    I've attached a before and after.

    Here's what I did:

    1. Made a mask of the faces using color range
    2. Made the faces super green with a color balance adjustment
    3. Picked up a little bit of normal skin color with the eye dropper
    4. Painted with a very soft brush set at about a 50% flow and switched around with opacity ranging from as low as 9% to 30%.

    I clearly have a way to go and any ideas about other methods and feedback would be great!
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    Re: Feedback/ideas 60's photo in restoration proce

    Well I didn't think the color was too bad. I copied the layer and used screen blending mode and set it at 33% opacity. I then added a black and white adjustment layer with black in the mask and painted out the discoloration on the siding of the house.
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