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Thin Scratches In Grainy Image

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  • Thin Scratches In Grainy Image

    Good morning, can anyone help me please? I am restoring a black and white print dating back to the early 1960's which has a fairly grainy sky. There are some scratches in the sky which look as if they may have been made when the negative was squeegeed after washing. I have attached a 100% enlargement of two of the scratches (top & bottom in the attachment), which I hope shows what I mean sufficiently clearly.

    I have tried lots of ways to get rid of the scratches, spot healing brush, pixel nudging, patch tool, dust & scratches/history brush etc but nothing has worked to the extent that the repairs are not/will not be visible in the final print (to be 7x5" / 13x18cm in size).

    Does anyone have any suggestions please as to what else I can try to remove both the scratches and any evidence they were there please? Many thanks, Smudger 7
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    Re: Thin Scratches In Grainy Image

    Hi Smudger7.

    You could try copying the colour closest to each scratch and using a brush size slightly bigger than the scratch you are going to cover,add a new layer, just paint that colour over it, then apply some noise to the painted layer and get it to blend with the existing noise thats in the image.


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      Re: Thin Scratches In Grainy Image

      Frequency separation, and clone with 100% hard round brush on the top layer.


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        Re: Thin Scratches In Grainy Image

        Many thanks to you both; I will give both of them a try.


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