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Enlarging small photos

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  • Enlarging small photos


    I have a whole lot of photos of around 300 - 400 pixels. Would I be able to enlarge them by printing at a printshop and then rescanning at a higher resolution? Will it work?

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    Re: Enlarging small photos

    It is unlikely that you will be satisfied with the results.

    Assuming 300-400 pixels means the number pixels in the X or y direction (not the file total) a printshop will produce a print between 1-1.3" from the original file. If you scan this print at a high scan resolution you will not add real resolution, just extra pixels and in the scanning process you will likely loose some resolution contained in the original data.

    If you want to try I suggest that you resize directly in your editing application or get the printshop to do this for you


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      Re: Enlarging small photos

      Thanks. What about programs like, ON1 Resize 10, genuine fractals? I know it is just adding pixels, but it is the better choice then just resizing.


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        Re: Enlarging small photos

        In my experience with Genuine Fractals/Perfect resize there is usually nothing of significance to be gained over Photoshop from version CS6 onwards.

        Nothing to stop you trying using the demo program though


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          Re: Enlarging small photos

          Thanks Tony Great help.


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            Re: Enlarging small photos

            Originally posted by nherem View Post
            Thanks. What about programs like, ON1 Resize 10, genuine fractals? I know it is just adding pixels, but it is the better choice then just resizing.
            You could try BenVista's PhotoZoom Pro. Offers different resize methods that Photoshop doesn't have - see photo attached. Best enlarging software I have used.
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              Re: Enlarging small photos

              Scott Kelby in the past said you couild (at the time) enlarge to 200% in PS, I think it was v5 back then. But no further. During PS 4, I did a bunch of tests on enlarging with PS, Genuin Fractals, Blowup (Alien Skin) and one other I can't recall the name of. It was like splitting hairs as to which one I liked the most but I settled on Genuine Fractals. That test was performed on a normal size image and enlarging for a poster size print. Not starting with something that is lacking detail and enlarging.


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