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Overexposure on background

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  • Overexposure on background

    Hello, I took a picture of two kids and they are on the grass. The kids were in the shade but in the background the sun was shining so it looks overexposed. I did take the picture in camera raw and I have tried several techniques in Photoshop. I have Photoshop and Lightroom. Can someone give me some tips on how to adjust the highlights. I would love to give them the picture but I need to correct it first.
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    Re: Overexposure on background

    Bring exposure all the way down, play with sliders for exposure, lights, whites to bring that area down, then blend that raw conversion with the first raw conversion you like for the kids.


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      Re: Overexposure on background

      My approach was to crop, get a good white balance on the children, paint the walk 50% grey add noise g-blur then motion blur the walk, heal a lot of the white spots in the trees, tone down the green and yellows a bit using Hue/sat layer

      ~ ~ ~ Original ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cropped Ver ~ ~ ~
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        Re: Overexposure on background

        Well the glare from the road covered the edge of the sibs and the grass. I selected the sibs and worked on them separate from the background and lowered the highlights some.
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          Re: Overexposure on background

          My Solution - Get rid of that sidewalk.
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            Re: Overexposure on background

            Great idea Shoku


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