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How to remove this light from the photo ??

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  • jasmine2000
    Re: How to remove this light from the photo ??

    thank you Wolly, & Chris may be but i am not sure as it is not mine.

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  • Chris Comfort
    Re: How to remove this light from the photo ??

    Hey Jasmine2000,
    FYI, that looks like a finger or thumb partially obstructing the lens. I could be wrong. And that tutorial the Wolly55 linked you to looks like a good option.

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  • Wolly55
    Re: How to remove this light from the photo ??

    Hi Jasmine2000, try the link attached, takes you to a Retouch Pro tut.

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  • jasmine2000
    started a topic How to remove this light from the photo ??

    How to remove this light from the photo ??


    this is a photo that i tried to remove the big light spot upper right
    but i didn't have a sufficient result so, i need clear steps for
    how to to remove that light making it look natural ?

    link :


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