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Hope I'm not charging too much

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  • Hope I'm not charging too much

    I am a very good photo restoration skills. Do you think I am charging too much for this photo restoration jib? Is $130 too much?

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    Re: Hope I'm not charging too much

    Here is the image.
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      Re: Hope I'm not charging too much

      Depends on the client profile, difficulty, time you have, deadline client demands... ask for what you think is fair, and if you keep getting less work, then reconsidering prices is in order.


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        Re: Hope I'm not charging too much

        Well you have only shown the starting point, so what does the finished product look like?

        How long will it take you to do the full restore?

        Are you talking Hong Kong dollars or other?

        What is the going rate for restoration services in your area?


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          Re: Hope I'm not charging too much

          I am in the NYC area. I am sure my final product will be good. After seeing the photo scanned I realize it's a big job... Lot's of repairs that need to be done.


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            Re: Hope I'm not charging too much

            Given your other question, it appears this is new for you. Charge whatever you can, but realize that nailing down rates will be a work in progress. If you're slow, you will spend way too much time regardless of what you charge.


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