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    Can some one make this photo look better?
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    Re: Photo Restoration

    gmagic911x, Welcome to RetouchPRO
    Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends.
    Poke around, have fun!

    Will you do my restoration/retouch/repair for me?
    No. This is a site for learning, and we will gladly help you learn to do it yourself. We have a "Image Help" forum just for that purpose. Click on "Forums" on the navbar to get there. If you plan on trying the restore yourself the following Tutorials from our Tutorial section may help some:
    Restoring an old photograph.
    Getting the Ring Out
    Restoration of Old Photo
    The Awesome Power of Layer Masks
    Enhancing Details In Unevenly Faded Pictures
    Spotting With The History Brush
    Smoothing Unwanted Textures
    There is also a "Classifieds" forum if you're willing to pay one of our members to work on your photo.

    That being said, you would probably lessen your work load if you were to scan the photo again @ 180 Degrees or upside down and combined the two images ... this gets rid of the shadows and makes the cracks seem smaller because of the direction of the light... maybe even an extra scan @ 90 and lining up all the scanned layers as per this link: This link may help improve your scanned image Scanners, textures, scratches, cracks, silvering

    With a good scan of your photos @ a high resolution a lot is possible. Remember the higher quality picture you start with.. the less work involved in fixing it and if you are working with old photos then a high quality scan will capture a lot of hidden details..

    With a better scan you can probably produce a much better render than this
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