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Sharpening Photo in Photoshop??

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  • Sharpening Photo in Photoshop??

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone have any experience using Photoshop cc 2017 and the the filter Shake Reduction? I need to start using it for a restoration job I am just about completing.

    Also, do you ever use more than one sharpen filter for different section of one photograph? Or would that be overkill?

    I would imagine once an image is masked in the properly locations it can be done.


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    Re: Sharpening Photo in Photoshop??

    Like any PS tool, play around with it to get familiar with what it can and cannot do. For this tool it's a good idea to use the advanced feature - Show Blur Estimation Regions - to help fine tune your adjustment.

    You can sharpen any image using multiple techniques if that's what is needed. Just be careful to not overdue it.


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      Re: Sharpening Photo in Photoshop??

      As a matter of personal opinion, I think there are often better ways to add emphasis. Sharpening has side side effects that can make things look weird if you take it too far.


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