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  • Jacket Repair - Portrait

    Hi -

    So, any pointers on how to repair the suit jacket? There are just so many things that are unbalanced that I don’t know what to do, that is concerning the jacket; everything else I have a handle on how to repair.



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    Re: Jacket Repair - Portrait

    One way would be to find another image with a similar jacket and of course similar pose and copy and paste onto the existing image. Then warping distorting and blending to make a smooth transition.

    Another is to copy the good side and flip. But you will still have to distort to blend in around the collar and generally spend a lot of time repairing. You will probably need a guide layer to help shape the arm area etc (you may want to use another image as a tracing layer)

    BUT.. If it was my job and assuming the interest is not from the tailor who made the suit, but from the man or his relatives, I would think about concentrating on the head and shoulders by vignetting or adding an oval frame, similar to the attached. I left the missing hair as this is something that you will need to work on
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      Re: Jacket Repair - Portrait

      Thanks, Tony, but(!) the client does not want a vignette, any type of framing or additional cropping, esp. on the sitter's left side. The scan is pretty hi-res, I am working from a copy that is much larger than what I posted. It's pretty hard to define a good pattern to fill from, because the focus on the jacket varies, and the textures are all over the map. I don't know if that is quality reduction because of time / neglect, or simply just how it was shot.

      "Another is to copy the good side and flip. But you will still have to distort to blend in around the collar and generally spend a lot of time repairing.You will probably need a guide layer to help shape the arm area etc (you may want to use another image as a tracing layer)"

      I agree, and I have tried those options before . . . I didn't like my results too much, however I just have to keep working it, because really those are the only method options. Warping is definitely not my strongest suit. I'll post today's "Current" a little later.



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        Re: Jacket Repair - Portrait


        Current, rough


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          Re: Jacket Repair - Portrait

          Looking good

          Funny how some people get things into their mind that really to others seem not as important.

          In this case someone wanting to replace all of the original image with the least important parts such as the suit seemingly taking on a greater importance than the actual subject.

          You should admonish them for allowing the image to be torn and creased and of course charge appropriately for the added work required to do a good job.

          If they are not prepared to pay for a full restoration then why not consider cheating a little and compositing the man head on a new body taken in the same era - cheating is good if it get the job done
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            Re: Jacket Repair - Portrait

            alreese83, Your jacket looks mighty fine to me.... much better than my cloned version. They seem to be getting a much better quality product than most people expect.. You should be proud of your efforts!
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              Re: Jacket Repair - Portrait

              I never posted the final result, well here it is...I'm mixed on it, but I'm like that on everything, oh well nice to be finished. Thanks folks for the support.

              Happy New Year,


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