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Removing Fibres From Slides

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  • Removing Fibres From Slides


    Has anyone had any success in removing fibres from slides? I'm not talking about restoring a digital image with ICE4 technology for example.

    I recently attempted to remove a mark on one of my slides. So I put gloves on for handling slides and negatives because I wouldn't leave prints or finger oil on the slide. Big mistake. All I did was get cotton fibres embedded in the slide!

    I read elsewhere that scrunched up Sellotape might be useful in removing fibres. Is this a good idea?



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    Re: Removing Fibres From Slides

    A slide or negative in good condition should not attract and hold the fibers from a cotton glove.

    Without seeing it, it sounds to me that there is something on the slide that is holding the fibers or the emulsion on the slide itself is decomposing and what's left is capturing the fibers.

    I think I would first of all inspect for either of the above. If there is something on the slides you might try washing it off? If the slide appears to be decomposing you most likely will cause further damage by washing.

    There's an old saying "Before you do anything, make the best copy you can just in case".

    Good luck.


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