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  • Scrappy
    Re: restoration

    Hi skoobey,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I know I have to look the final image. But I need to repair the eyes and face lines, and etc....
    I've been editing channel mixer, too. So far, I didn't get any better result....

    I'll take some more time...

    Thanks anyway.

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  • skoobey
    Re: restoration

    Chanel mixer... but I would advise focusing on the final look, rather than the state of one channel.

    Use gradient maps to bring color to areas where it is "broken"

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  • Scrappy
    started a topic restoration


    Hi there,
    I have something to ask about damaged color photo.
    I scanned it, and opened in Photoshop.

    Here is the original image.

    As you may see the red channel in Photoshop, the R channel looks like below;

    That's too bad.... But I want to fix this. Is it possible?
    Is there any idea, please help.


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  • pjanak
    In a pickle
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