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Noise in the shadows above door?

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  • Noise in the shadows above door?

    I need help fixing the area above the door and the shadows in that general area. What is going on there? Is that noise? Grain? Silvering? I've tried running a denoise filter over it photoshop but can't seem to get a result I like.

    Can someone offer some ideas on how to fix that? I've looked at the channels and they all seem to have that issue. Hopefully someone can point this padwon in the right direction.
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    Re: Noise in the shadows above door?

    Change mode in CMYK, then delete the black and yellow channels... where most of the noise, duplicate the cyan channel, return the photo in mode RGB...
    Apply an adjustment Black and White, play with the sliders to get a good contrast, then some others adjustment like curves etc. until you are satisfied.
    If you want apply a photo filter to have a desired color cast.
    Maybe you can use the free Nik collections (Dfine 2) plugin to clean a little bit the picture.
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      Re: Noise in the shadows above door?

      Well I used the convert to B&W adjustment layer and used the redfilter since that channel seemed to have the least noise. I next used a curves adjustment layer to increase the contrast.
      I used Nik's Define to lower the noise
      After you lower the noise you could sharpen it back some. That could help.
      If you wish you can add the sepia back in as a last step
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        Re: Noise in the shadows above door?

        Looks like silvering to me, it normally appears in the dark areas first.

        Do not use a scanner, copy with a camera and cross polarized light, it will all go away.

        Usually quicker and better results than one can accomplish with Photoshop.


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          Re: Noise in the shadows above door?

          Used the method in this thread to remove silvering (provided by 'Senior Member lurch' )

          A 2 minute fix
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            Re: Noise in the shadows above door?

            I would use a camera but unfortunately at the moment I don't have access to a high quality DSLR. My friend has one but I will have to see if she has polarizing filter, I'll have to visit with her about it when she gets back from vacation.


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