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Can the Color Be restored

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  • Can the Color Be restored

    I have been scanning some old 35mm slides and a few have serious color damage. Just wondering if the color in this slide scan can be corrected
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    Re: Can the Color Be restored

    Phil,this might get you at a starting point!
    I totally experimented by converting to LAB as per this thread.
    The black and grey points happen to be the same, at the darkest part of crotch. White point is to the right of his head in the narrow band. A bit of tweaking with adjustment layers and finished with a pass through Imagenomic Noiseware (masked)
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      Re: Can the Color Be restored

      Set colour samplers on the known blacks and whites and use curves to balance the RGB values; channel blending in LAB mode in various blend modes; paint with colour; Selective colour adjustments with a mask; sharpen.
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        Re: Can the Color Be restored

        Hi Philbach

        The data in the Green and Blue channel is pretty messed up so detail is lost.

        The Red channel however is pretty good.

        One avenue to consider is just take the grayscale of the Red Channel, adjust the tone and then paint the colors you want as an overalay with blend set to Color.

        Image below is an example where I colored in just a couple items. Just one path to consider.

        Hope that helps

        John Wheeler
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          Re: Can the Color Be restored

          Thanks John, Gary and Ol Baldy. I appreciate your advice.


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            Re: Can the Color Be restored

            Great work John Gary and OldBaldy.

            I am guessing your scanner does not have digital ROC setting - sometimes I find that setting on my scanner works for very strong colour casts with slides that have deterioated like this. There used to be a plugin available for those without scanners that have this (CTein mentions it in his book) but don't know if its still available or where from. Probably have to check out his new book!


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              Re: Can the Color Be restored

              Well I use a an Epson v850 flatbed scanner. And I use Vuescan software. I have neutral settings on the scans that I make and use photoshop to correct color. In RGB mode the Green and Blue Channels are just about black. So its difficult to restore the color. However a nice black and white photo and be constructed. And colorization then needs to be done.
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                Re: Can the Color Be restored

                Great job Gary!


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                  Re: Can the Color Be restored

                  Originally posted by plugsnpixels View Post
                  Great job Gary!

                  Thank you !


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