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Spidery Lines on Negative

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  • Spidery Lines on Negative

    Hi, can anyone help me please? I am trying to reprint/restore a 35mm black and white negative of a pop group on stage taken in @ 1967. After high res scanning I can see a spidery web of very fine lines and small white blobs across a large area of the image which I am not sure how to remove. I am not sure what has caused them (heat or fungus damage over the years possibly; they don't look like scratches) but the attached 100% enlargement of a very small selection shows them quite clearly. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received! Many thanks.
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    Re: Spidery Lines on Negative

    Its mould!

    Could try a Polaroid dust and Scratch Removal tool as they appear all white. or light in tone. might find a link somewhere in this forum for Polaroid DSR.

    Maybe make a copy of the layer on top. Zoom to 100% nudge the layer 2 pixels down and 2 pixels to the right see what you get. You can always mask this too.

    My 2 cents worth!


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      Re: Spidery Lines on Negative

      Many thanks for your suggestions, I'll give them both a go.


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        Re: Spidery Lines on Negative

        Did you clean the film before scanning?

        A quick dip in Photo-Flo or other film cleaning solution can really make a difference sometimes.

        I maybe wrong but those lines look more like cracks in the emulsion. Did you mount the slide in scanning fluid when you scanned it? Scanning oil can hide flaws that are accentuated when dry film is scanned. You can use mineral oil if you don't have scanning oil.

        Here's a link that explains the process:


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          Re: Spidery Lines on Negative

          Thank you for your suggestion and link, I will read that carefully.

          I've read bits about this process before but never actually tried it, though I know some people swear by it. Thanks again


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            Re: Spidery Lines on Negative

            Knowing it's mould (thanks to Nezbitten) makes it easier to search for solutions. Google turns up some good links. This is one of them:

            I played around a bit with the photo in Photoshop trying different 'noise' filters. I also tried to isolate the mould patterns (both as a layer and as a mask) with different adjustment layers and blending modes in attempts to remove/reduce the patterns. But they are so pervasive, I didn't get very far without losing the details you want to keep. So removing as much damage as possible before scanning is IHMO definitely the best way to go.


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              Re: Spidery Lines on Negative

              Many thanks for this Mike, that's really helpful (and a very apt example too!). I will read your link in detail at the weekend when I have a bit more time.


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