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  • Fine Cracks

    Having trouble removing the fine cracks from this image, any ideas? I tried the method of masking on a dust & scratches layer, and didn't like it; I also tried using a median layer, not great either. I tried numerous methods (on repeat), way too many to list or remember. The linked files are untouched; though, the only channel necessary is the red channel. The final output will be for print. All advice so welcomed. Also, I have the original print and can rescan if advised to.

    Quick Preview JPEG
    Larger Editable TIFF

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    Re: Fine Cracks

    on a large crack like that I would recommend scanning again @ 180 degree angle (upside down) per


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      Re: Fine Cracks

      Are you referring to the whole image or to the large crack running down the face & along the chin?


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        Re: Fine Cracks

        The whole image... then align the two images in Photoshop using the Difference mode on the top layer... This should make the crack a bit smaller and get rid of the emulsion shadow


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          Re: Fine Cracks

          Thanks, I read & tried out the tutorial in your linked thread last night, most helpful. I thought that that method only worked with honeycomb like textures, but it totally lessened both the large & fine cracks. A combination of a 180 degree flipped layer set to darken and a 90 degree layer set to lighten greatly reduced the artifacts produced by the scanner. Also, more useable image information resulted from re-scanning without any adjustments done inside the scanner app, I used VueScan. Once again thank you very much.



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            Re: Fine Cracks

            Just a quick try @ the first pic
            Attached Files


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              Re: Fine Cracks

              quick attempt


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                Re: Fine Cracks

                Thanks & Nice work, King, but, in writing my post I was seeking more info. & ideas on technique, than an actual product. So, please share your method, esp. if it differs from what has been mentioned.

                Thanks again,


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