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  • Restoration Critique

    Any thoughts? I had trouble with removing the magenta cast, and color in general, esp. skin complextion; and now that I look at the web upload I see that the reds are way too saturated, so I will go over that. However, the reds didn't look so intense in Photoshop (CC 2015.5), could it be my web compression settings? I have been working in Adobe RGB 1998, but when I exported for the web I just selected the default setting which used sRGB with a png file type via the Export As option. Should I have changed the color space settings before Export As? Also, I see some issuses with the sky...ummm. This image will not be used for print just the web.

    Sometime After Before

    I love this image, it's from a photo album from a 90 year old man, all of the images in the album are from his time in the US Army during the Korean War. Gotta love the guy with the fish!! I didn't notice it until after I started removing the cast. Also, not too visible here but there are finger prints every where (not mine), even though annoying to get rid of, I love the sense of a literal personal touch, it just grounds the history and emotion of the image.

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    Re: Restoration Critique

    More of a colour correction exercise than a restoration per say... good job none the less. Species of pine tree tend to have a bluish tint to them rather than a grass green. With the ground being so parched i doubt if all the greenery would be lush one colour green.

    I would suggest reducing the green or upping the cyan or blue in those areas. It should give a more natural feel to the trees. see link.


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      Re: Restoration Critique

      You're right on the trees, because there was a presence of cyan on the pine and I painted it out! I usually research these things but I didn't, silly me. I think it's going to be for a web based digital story or the likes; so I totally agree with an exercise in color correction, at least it's a paid one! Thanks for comments on the greenery, I will revisit it, I have a couple more days on it.


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        Re: Restoration Critique

        Warm all the tones up, and skin tone especially needs more yellow to it.


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