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  • Text restoration

    Hello friends,
    I came up with a small problem that i need help with.
    I have a scaned manuscript book that need to be printed on offset printing.The scans needs to be cleaned so only the text remains in black color and background removed, however when i do it the small amount of black always stays in the background and it is visible in print. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Text restoration

    You can scan in TIFF format, upload in a third part server like ad publish the link here.


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      Re: Text restoration

      If you are editing in Photoshop or similar you could try just working on the red channel.

      With the red channel only selected apply a levels or curves layer and adjust the contrast by moving the black and white points to make the ink darker and the paper lighter. You may need to do some clean up work locally.

      Quick before/after example in the attachment
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