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WTK: Filed Negative Carrier in Photoshop

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  • WTK: Filed Negative Carrier in Photoshop

    I would like to create a sloppy type border similar to a Filed Negative Carrier in the film based photo world.

    There are products out there that will create "sloppy" frames but I would like to do it myself with Photoshop (7).

    So, can anyone give me pointers on creating a digital filed negative carrier effect for my borders / frames?

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    Welcome to RetouchPro,

    You could try - if you have a neg holder scan it in an liquify it to the shape you want. (filters-liquify)

    Hope this helps



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      I don't have access to anything like that. I'm a digital based photographer only. It would be nice to have access to this equipment


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        Will this image help?

        Filed negative carrier image


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          I really like your # 5 border

          This is exactly what I'm looking for on the digital side.

          Can you help? How would I re-create such a thing in Photoshop?


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            Sorry that I didn't clarify my message -- it's not my website -- just found it while looking for an answer for you.

            Not sure how to get that exact effect. I'd just make a dark frame and use different filters to smudge it up a bit -- the marks on it might have to be copied from the web image -- perhaps you could make a brush out of the mark outline.


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              Someone suggested using a displacement map and it does mess the stroked frame up. Now I have to find a good texture to apply.


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                ultravista, if you do end up creating this look, PLEASE post back here and let me know how to do it. I have been looking for this effect for a long time and would love to know how to do it! Thanks and good luck...


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                  Don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but here's how I made it:

                  1. enlarged the canvas (white)

                  2. made a new layer

                  3. on the new layer, drew a black box with a very rough "stippling" brush (I set guides to keep my lines fairly straight)

                  4. Used the rectangular marquee tool to cut out the inside edges of the box I drew and make them smooth

                  5. Used the smudge tool to slightly "mess up" the outside edges of the square I drew

                  6. set guides at the outside edges of the black box and drew in slight sprocket shadows

                  7. used the eraser and smudge tool on the drawn sprocket shadows until I had them the way I wanted them
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                    How can I do this as an action to "randomize" the look? That's my ultimate goal, to have each image unique without having to touch & paint each one.


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                      Hmmmm.... Not sure how you could make an action that would do that. Maybe someone else has some ideas?

                      Anyone out there game to give it a go???


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                        My goal is to automate the process, via an action. I've gotten something to work through misc filters but it doesn't look quite right. This method of course is 'actionized' but needs improvement.


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                 has border actions for photoshop called "borderit"-and they do have the filed neg carrier border- I'm looking to do the same myself...
                          the thing is, it's $150 with a few different borders-you can also apply them to a whole folder of images.
                          that's the only border I need from the collection-So, I'm trying to find a cheaper way-but I thought you may be interested in the link.

                          If anyone else has info I'd really love to know as well-
                          OOPS! I hadn't read your other post-saying you didn't want an action. This one looks really good though-considering it's digital- I miss printing it the REAL way, in a darkroom, with an actual filed carrier...
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                            That's a very good sample jakaleena
                            -For me, it's "almost" there...still it's definately better than I could do...I'm not looking to do it myself...I want to find an action-I may just get the nitorix one...but I want to look around a little more


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