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35mm filmstrip?

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  • 35mm filmstrip?

    How do you create a 35mm filmstrip? I have ps7. I obviously have no clue! :confused



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    You are welcome to use this one. Or make one of your own, using my short tutorial on making brushes. Just select one of the film frames for your brush......
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      35mm filmstrip


      Thank you very much!I think that will work. I'll post a link when I finish(that sounds hopeful) what it is I have in mind!

      much appreciated! maybe one day I will be able to be helpful to someone, instead of asking all the questions!


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        So glad this will help..... have a brush similar already made, but don't know how to give it to you.

        This tutorial helped me.....


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          Check at the AutoFX site to make sure, but I think that their Dreamsuite Program/Plug-in has a feature that lets you create with slides and filmstrips and 4 x 4's using your own pix, along with other cool stuff.


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            35mm filmstrip

            Hi All!,

            Thanks for all your help. This is a great place! I have alot to learn yet. I will try all of your suggestions and as soon as I get my website up I will let you know. I would love your feedback.



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              Take a look at what this action will do, it makes and waves a 35mm stripfilm..

              Might be a great help for your project.

              Download this action here....

              There are several other actions you might find interesting....this is the main page..
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                35mm filmstrip


                I am going to work on it this weekend. I will let you all know how I make out.

                Thanks for al the great tips!


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                  Adobe Exchange has THIS.


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                    I made this brush to simulate a 35mm frame.

                    After sizing and changing the orientation if necessary you can copy and paste to make it as long as needed.

                    Mr. Bill


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