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  • Bubble Background?

    How would I go about creating bubbles on a solid pink background? I'm using PS 5.5.


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    In Photoshop one can paint a grayscale mode black canvas with a white to black radial gradient in exclusion blend mode. Then a simple colourize step either via duotone then to whatever final colour mode you need or via rgb/hue & saturation colourize and then to whatever final colour mode you need.

    See attached, not sure if this is the sort of effect you require though.

    Stephen Marsh.
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      that's some interesting information for future reference, but right now I need to start with a solid pink background and create bubbles that look like a bubble gum bubble, or bubble from a bubble pipe.


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        PhotoShop 5.5....hmmm I wish you had 6.0 or greater as there are some great bubble brushes that you can download from AdobeXchange that would be perfect.

        Here are a couple tuts I found:

        Bubble Tutorial

        Aqua Sphere For this one, change the color to pink and lower the opacity to create a more realistic bubble look

        Transparent Sphere For this one use a pink color vs brown and stop at step 8.

        Hopefully these might help you get started.



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          THANK YOU! I have PS 7 at home, but I'm taking a class in computer graphics and the school is usin g PS 5.5

          I'll definitely bookmark those tutuorials for my home use, but in the meantime, I changed my class project from "bubble gum" to "cotton candy"

          I started with a solid pink background.....render clouds and then added text COTTON CANDY.

          It is a beginning graphics course and I hope to learn more about PS in general so I'll be better able to follow some of the tuts here and do some creative art and fine tune my photo restoration


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            Another couple of tutorials that you might find useful if you modify them a bit:

            Red rubber ball

            Rain drops



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              hey thanks for the list its all very interesting. thanks!