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    I feel a bit like a traitor.

    I got the encouragement and advice to quit psp and get into PS7 from this forum.
    Now I find I'm much more active in dpreview forum.

    I think it's because the threads there are all in one place so that it's easier to follow threads I'm interested in, and there is more activity. People there are also very friendly, though retouchpro is more like a family.

    I do intend to get involved in challenges here, when I'm a bit more proficient.

    In any case I discovered something that was a HUGE help to me, I posted it at dpreview, and also wanted to let my photoshop family know about it. It might be obvious to experienced users but was quite a revelation to me.

    The lasso tools are very much easier to use when you slow down mousespeed in windows, I guess macs can also specify mouse speed. The slower the smoother and more acccurate the tracing.
    Probably painting in quickmask mode is also more accurate with a slower mouse, I haven't tried it yet.

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    this post is not by "help"

    there is no one registered here called "help"

    I recently couldn't access my regular sign-in when I changed my e-mail address and had no way to contact Doug, so I reregistered as "help". I guess I didn't clear my cookies since then and forgot to logout and relogin.

    Still feivel


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