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  • pen pressure

    could any one tell me how to adjust the pen pressure in photoshop 7 because i don't have a clue

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    Since you didn't say what brand or model tablet you have, I can just tell you how I adjust mine. I use a Wacom Intuos 2. The adjustment is done under the Tablet Icon within Control Panel. I've included a picture of what it looks like.

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      pen pressure

      thanx for your reply i thought you adusted the pen pressure in photoshop itself in photoshop 6 it was on the bar at the top i have got on photoshop restoration by Katrin Eisman and she mentioned about adjusting your pen pressure to 5% or 2% this was in photoshop 6 that why i aske how your adjust pen pressure in photoshop 7 the wacom tablet i have got is A5 size grey


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        You can also go to the brush palette and activate/deactivate pressure control for any individual brush, and tell PS what the pressure does (wider/darker/more jitter/etc.). This is also where you'd activate tilt if your pen supports it (Intuos2 does, most others don't).
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