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I need help w/ size and cropping

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  • I need help w/ size and cropping

    Hello, I am sooo new to PS (only two weeks or so) so please forgive me for this silly question. I have been reading and reading and still can't fiqure it out.

    When I open an image that was taken w/a digital camera at about 6x10 and the lab says I need to resize it to be I changed the size under image - resize and enter 4x5 and then I cropped but it is out of proportion.

    I tried to crop then resize but it didn't work. What should I do to get the image 4x5 and cropped?

    Thanks for any advice, I sure love this website....

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    Hi Tracy - welcome to RP!

    Your main problem seems to be different aspect ratios. A 6x10 doesn't have the same aspect ratio as a 4x5. Here are a couple of suggestions you might try.

    1. You can select constrain proportions, change the 10 to a 5 and your image will go to 3x5. Then you can change the canvas size to 4x5 and get a print with borders that need to be trimmed off but will contain all of the image in proper proportion

    2. You can select the crop tool, size the tool to 4x5 and decide which part of the image to crop out.

    There's also some info in this thread about aspect ratio.


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