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    Joe (Joey B) Blasco.

    Joe (Joey B) Blasco

    A few make-up people I know use his make-up for shoots. He does (has) a glamour line of make-up as well for print work.


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      I do makeup all the time on my work and all I need is a color picker, though fashon mags would be a good resourse for color combos, one could make a chart like the 2 a lot of us have for hair and skin. To me personally, the eye makeup would be the most valuable tool. Don't mag adds or stores have little sample sheets like paint chips with different ones on them?


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        Originally posted by paulette conlan
        How about just hanging around the makeup counters in the department stores and watch the product reps make up the ladies?
        A guy could get arrested for that!


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          Now, some of you know that I am very serious about art, and computer graphics and have no time for frivolity when it comes to my art. That's why, today I must warn that when you see what I brung you, might fall out of your computer chairs, or go into a laughing, choking fit.

          I have found the ultimate source for Dougs mission. In the past, I have spent hours, even days searcing for one little item to make a picture more alive, but this time I found what I was looking for in a 1/2 hour. Please don't think ill of my for posting this, as I think it goes right to the heart of the makeup matter, and will bring much learning and knowlege to everyone involved. Not only do we have a picture, we have free software.

          fugitive: still lookin for the one armed man.
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            That's actually kind of cool

            Too bad the results are kind of cartoony looking, but it would be great for ideas.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Doug, please don't over react.............................


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                <<fugitive: still lookin for the one armed man.>>
                That was a good series. I like those old fugitive shows. Barry Morse is that kind of guy, you love to hate(on the series).


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                  I wonder if his neighbors gave him a hard time.


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                    One time at some garage sale. I came across an old 60's t.v. thing (think it was t.v. guide). I was reading how people that saw him(Barry Morse) on the street. Would say: "leave that poor man alone"..... And one lady, hit em', and said: the one arm man did it. Now leave him alone.
                    I(myself) have to say, if (some)people that were into the show. Were like that. And didn't look at him as an actor(off camera). He did a great job portraying that character. And watching the series,(at times it's on cable) he does.


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                      In my mind, the master of make-up... sadly, he's passed away recently. He has three great books out, all of which feature not only awesome-looking people, but step by step instructions of how to do it.




                      Lots of good samples up on Amazon, and certainly worth a look at your local library or bookstore. (:


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                        Hey ! I thought the Mary K products(and the people that were pushing Mary K products) were the best in the field.


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                          for those that take this hair and makeup thing seriously, I have some new info. a friend over in the PSP NG did this makeover with one of my paintings.
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                            I take hair and make-up seriously. The way some hair and make-up compainies present themselves. It's like........ If you don't use their product. You're not going to look good.
                            That's a good link(first one) that Ms.Brandee listed.
                            And the jpg. of the tiger on the face. Is a great idea, Artistly.
                            Now. If they(you know who) can just come up with that idea for painting their Caddies. That would be great.
                            But maybe. The reason why their that color(you know what color) is used. Is because.......It's shocking!? Like (I don't know) their make-up? Time for me get off line.........Before I get into trouble.


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                              Brandi's url was good, got 2 pics there.

                              but what was the other stuff about? Did I miss a class?


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                                some color references for makeup

                                Hello all,

                                I've looking all around the web to find some good resources on this subject, but sofar.... snippets everywhere.

                                I guess this thread at least puts things together, and although the thread has been silent for a while now, I hope that maybe you get an alert on the little piece of help I found somewhere else.

                                Though I can't remember exactly, I foud these colour swatches that are supposedly used in makeup. At least that is what I can remember from the thread I was reading somewhere else ( or maybe, dunno anymore)

                                Anyway, I hope it contributes something to the ongoing discussion.

                                As a matter a fact, I'd like to revamp this discussion a little.

                                Now that we have colors, how do we apply these.
                                Anyone has had any experience with applying didgtal mascara and so ? How to blend them in naturally.

                                The other thing is: when you apply makeup, you usually blend in different colors (or so I'm told since I'm not a user of this stuff). I understsnd that photoshop isn't great at that at all, or am I wrong ? How would you do this in PS then ?

                                Have fun and activate the thread !

                                The Netherlands
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