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  • Hellooo Everybody!!!

    Well, this message is just to ask you something about hair.

    Last year I saw a thread that explained a very cool way of changing the color of the hair, but it seems that I can't find it.

    I am working on an advertisment picture, and I really need info about changing the color of the hair, wich in this case is from black to read, green or pink.

    If any of you guys can tell me where the thread is or info on this matter I will apreciate it much.

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    An excellent tutorial on colorizing hair can be found at Shan Canfield's website. Shan is a RetouchPRO member and a working college instructor who teaches Photoshop. Her tut covers turning dark hair blonde, but I'm sure it will give you the info you need to make it whatever color you want. - tutorials

    Look down the list of tutorials on the right side until you reach this one -- (you can download the tutorial to your machine)
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