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How can I make an EYE WHITER smoothly?

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  • How can I make an EYE WHITER smoothly?

    Hello, I would like some help on eye problem!!

    I have this little problem since I started clearing up my pictures.
    It could be simple but for some reason I just can get to clear up the eyes of people in my pix. I always leave it looking kind of fake, wich would be the last thing a person would want in his/her picture.

    What could I do, or how would be the best way to make the eyes whiter or to get rid of some vains that look bad in this eye?
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    Hi, mine is more subtle ... I kind of under-did it to keep it natural - but you could go as far as you want with the dodging ...

    Light cloning of redness from whiter portion
    subtle dodging of whites to taste
    burned in center
    Cloned bottom highlight
    Dodge tool lightly where bottom highlight was
    burn tool on eyelashes

    Hope you like it,
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      WOW!!! You guys take this to heaven!!

      Thank you!!

      Now I got something that I can use, I would spend a long time doing it, but now you have saved me.

      I was trying to create different colors for the eyes. I like this the ones you fixed because they look so natural and fresh.

      Thank you again!!!


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