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Hello, Can someone be so kind and make a

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  • Hello, Can someone be so kind and make a

    PS action that make this frame ?or something similar ?
    its like a border in still film.
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    Hello and WELCOME to RetouchPRO.

    Take a look at some of the actions (and tutorials) at this site. I'm confident you will find some that inspire you.

    Hope this helps...


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      Doesn't look like it should be that difficult, but the picture is too small for me to see what you want. Do you have links to other samples? Bill


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        Is this all you want it to do?
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          This type of thing is best done with distortion filters. The ripple filter, for example, will work here, but it's too predictable. Instead, learn how to use the displace filter with displacement maps. You can basically make a selection with the rectangular selection "thing" of most of the pic, invert the selection, put a new layer above and fill it with a soft colour. Then, with the selection still active, click on the background layer (your base picture) and copy paste this section. Drag this layer to the top of the stack, free transform this new layer if you want. Then mess with it with distortion-type filters.
          The sample you gave used a combination of things, including displace filters, smudge tools and painting on layer masks.
          You'll come up with some interesting borders this way.



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            I would like to find out the steps in creating these type of Frames as well..anyone so kind to create an action? or post the steps?


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              You might have a look here ... They explain how to create a variety of photo edges ... Hope it helps ....


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                Thanks! Flora,
                not too bad, i'll need to create an action that works for all photographs..hmm..