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  • Calibration calibration

    I have learned alot about photo manipulation, from this site, from books and experimentation. With the techniques I have learned I become an excellent retoucher according to friends and clients. Even so, most of my frustration stems from the fact that I still fail to grasp the concept of calibration. I scan an image, it looks perfect on the screen, when I print it, its either a completely different color or grainy etc. So, needless to say, I waste alot of paper and time tweeking and tweeking. I have gone through the monitor calibration, but that doesn't seem to be enough. Are there any words of wisdom out there?

    Mac OSX
    Epson 2000P printer
    Canon 5000F scanner

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    Anthony if you had Windows I might be of some help. I'm totally clueless on a Mac system..


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      Calibration is only a small part, characterization or profiling is another aspect, among many.

      You ideally have a custom profile describing the monitor and the printer. So edit in a independent safe neutral work space such as sRGB or Adobe RGB and then convert to the printer profile when printing.

      Stephen Marsh.


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        Thank you Stephen. Its been very helpful and I am still reading over the material.



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          Wondering if anyone has used either of the following two sites to calibrate their monitors. The first says it puts a cookie on your computer which I am very reluctant to do.

          The next has its own set of boxes for calibration . After I calibrate using them print on my moniter looks pale.


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            Cinderella, I looked at a few pages at the easyrgb site and at first blush I get the impression that this 'calibration' is a proprietary closed loop thing intended for this site only (but I could be wrong). I would not presume it to be used for other websites or image editing and only for viewing the sites content. But I could be wrong. I would also be very doubtful of any real accuracy and consistency between users/systems, but again I could be wrong. <g>

            The link to the gamma page seems OK, but my fave page is this one:



            Calibration and Characterization/Profiling has also come up recently in this thread here at RP:


            Hope this helps,

            Stephen Marsh.


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              Thanks Stephen, I read your suggestions , or rather I read the parts I understand and tried a few of those techniques. My eyes are actually sore from squinting at little boxes. And still no satisfaction.
              I decided to recalibrate because my photos I took to WalMart last week to be printed on a Fuji Frontier were looking different than what I see on monitor. THen I recalled I went thru this exercise last fall and I had kept the profile I made. When I load that profile the photos in Photoshop now resemble what I just had printed. Hooray.
              My monitor is old, my eyes are old. Hmmmmmmmm.

              I found some useful info for printing on FujiFrontier here.