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Decreasing haze with Photoshop Elements 2?

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  • Decreasing haze with Photoshop Elements 2?

    Is it possible to decrease the haze in an outdoor image using Photoshop Elements 2? If so, how?
    Richard Hirschman

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    Hi Rich, it would help if you could post a particular image you are interested in improving... remember the file size limits are 100KB.



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      There are several ways. One simple way is to apply Unsharp mask filter at 30, 60, 0.


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        Hi Scott,
        Thanks for responding. I posted the image in my pbase gallery. Please go to, then to the "Test Images" subgallery. The image in quesiton is: "Amalfi - two stitched images. I would appreciate your comments.
        Thanks again.


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          Hi Bill,
          Nice technique - thanks.


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