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    OK, this may seem stupid but is there really an easier way to memorize what all the layer blending modes do to your image or layers? If i say correctly there are almost 20+ blending options from color dodge, burn, overlay, screen etc. because its hard up to now i still cant memorize it, i have to go and try it one by one. Is there?

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    Well, they're grouped by type in PS7, so all the contrast modifiers are together, all the ones that will darken are together, etc.

    But I usually just use the up/down arrows real fast, not even looking at what the name is
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      Doug Nelson writes:
      But I usually just use the up/down arrows real fast, not even looking at what the name is

      I only stumbled across that particular idea a few weeks ago on my own, and wondered why I had never read it before. Is it common knowledge? If so, I can stop feeling guilty for not sharing it with the group immediately. I find it particularly useful when doing some kind of art/painting work, looking for a wonderful, unexpected effect. Bob


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