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need help creating a template for a tie

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  • need help creating a template for a tie

    I am in need of help to make this project work.
    I have a template for a tie that I am going to put a photo on so the entire tie is covered with the same image. I am trying to figure out how to:
    1. get the image to fit the template
    2. I would like to have the same image tiled over the entire tie

    I put the template that they gave to me for the ties.

    Thanks Joe
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    Pattern Fill

    Perhaps this is what you had in mind....

    PhotoShop Image Fill

    PS Pattern Fill Tut

    Get Your Fill of Patterns - Mac


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      Paul that tutorial was great but what I have in mind is to be able to create a composite that I can print on a tie. I would also like to have a composite template that can be reused for other customers.
      I have placed the pictures about how they need to be on the tie. What I have done is nowhere near what the final product will look like. I hope I can et some more ideas.

      Thanks Joe
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        Here's a way
        Make a pattern out of the image you want to fill your tie with.
        select the inside of the tie
        Create a new layer and fill with white.
        Then create a layer above the white tie and fill with your pattern or compose the pictures anyway you want and under the Layers menu select Group with Previous or (CTRL+G) and this will group this layer with your white tie and keep your pictures confined to that space.

        Hope this helps.

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