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  • need some help

    can anyone tell me if there is a way to make the picture less blurred.i have photoshop 7 but i am new to this
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    (I would recommend that you attach a jpg version (less than 100k) when you want to show members an image rather than attaching a zip file - few folks want to download an unknown file to their system. )

    Here is a less blurred version. You can use Filter->Unsharp Mask, moving the Amount arrow to the right to see the effect. The Radius arrow can stay between 1.5 and 3 depending on the size of the image, and the Threshold arrow can be moved to soften any halos created (along with lowering the Amount). You can also duplicate the layer, set the Layer Blend mode to Overlay, and Run Filter->Other-.High Pass at about 3-4 pixels (move the slider back and forth to see the effect).

    I took the liberty of exchanging the Blue Channel for the Lightness Channel in LAB mode to eliminate the tape on the left side (facing) of the image, as well as running Dust and Scratches and the History Brush to clean up some of the spotting that shows up more when sharpened.

    You can learn any or all of these techniques, if you want, by reading Tips, Tutorials, and some of the forum threads here at RetouchPRO.

    Have fun!
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      thank you for your help(sorry about the zip file i am new to this)
      i didnt think the photo would ever look this good,hopefully i will learn lots of new things and then i can have a try at the challanges.
      many thanks


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        You're quite welcome! More can be done to bring the image back, and you can either work on it, or ask questions about it.

        Uploading the attachments has given most of us fits at one time or another -- just proves you fit right in here!


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          Originally posted by CJ Swartz

          You're quite welcome! More can be done to bring the image back, and you can either work on it, or ask questions about it.

          Uploading the attachments has given most of us fits at one time or another -- just proves you fit right in here!
          Thanks CJ, found out i was not the only person who is having trouble uploading attachments. Thought i was alone on this, now i will keep trying.


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            I also tried my novice hand at it. Take a look.



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              I've never tried to refocus a photo before but I'm pleased with the result. I did progressively smaller radius on unsharp mask -- 3 times. Every image will be different, but on this one I did 5 radius/71 amount, then 3.3/155, then 1.3/64.

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                Good job! How did you do it?


                Super!!! I'm going to play with your technique on several images that I think will benefit.



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                  Thanks Duv... it seems to be real tricky to get the exactly "right" effect you want. In fact, I did well on my original try but didn't write down my settings. I had real difficulty trying to duplicate the effect and found you have to really do trial and error on the particular photo you have.

                  I believe some keys are:
                  - start with a large radius and go smaller
                  - for each USM step, pay particular attention to the "amount" so as to not enhance the image noise, and to not blow out highlights with the USM halo effect
                  - any highlights lost can not be recaptured, so higher "amounts" should be applied to middle USM and last USM step, definitely be careful with the largest radius USM.



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