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Duplicating Multiple Layers??

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  • Duplicating Multiple Layers??

    Is it possible to duplicate the sum of multiple layers into one new layer on top (of the underlying/individual layers) with out losing the underlying layers themselves?
    What I am attempting to do is create a new layer of my image with which to sharpen. That way I can adjust the opacity (thus the degree) of my sharpening layer.

    Currently to do this I am performing the following time consuming steps:

    1. Flatten Layers
    2. Duplicate the flattend layer into a new document
    3. Return to the original document and undo the layer flattening
    4. Go back to the new document and perform sharpening
    5. Duplicate the sharpened image back to the original document as a layer and adjust opacity.

    Is there a better way that I am missing>

    Thank you for your assistance.



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    Try making a blank layer, and with that layer selected press ctrl+alt+shift+E

    This will merge all visible layers onto your blank one. If you want to make a new document with the merged info instead of a new layer, use ctrl+A to select the entire document, shift+ctrl+C to copy merged, then make a new document and paste it in (the new document will automatically be set to the size and resolution of whatever is in the clipboard).
    Doug Nelson
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      Thank you Doug

      Thank you for your reply Doug. Unofrtunatly the method you describe deletes (merges) all existing layers. I would like to keep those if possible and "add" the new layer on top of them. My prodedure outlined in my initial post does this but it is labor intensive.




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        Here is an action I made for this. It creates a new layer directly above the active layer, names the new layer "Stamp," and merges the visible layers into the "Stamp" layer.

        I assign it to a function key. If you want to do this, click on the triangle in the upper right corner of the Actions palette, and select Action Options.
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          I can't answer for PS, but in PSP, I select the entire image, copy as merged, and then past as new layer.

          This leaves all the previous layers the way they were, and adds a new layer with the look of all the others together.

          Is this what you were looking for?



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            If done correctly, nothing should be deleted. I use this all the time, it's one of the best techniques for making intermediate working layers. Make sure you're using all 4 keys and have the blank layer selected. It should do exactly as you requested.
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              Thank you All!!!

              Seems as if ctrl+alt+shift+E on a new blank layer is the magic command and appears to have the same effect as pasting a 'merged copy' onto a new layer.

              Thank you all for your replys. An invaluable tip!!




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                Here's a method I use:
                Take a snapshot (selecting "merged" layers from the snapshot dropdown).
                Select the snapshot on the History palette.
                Create a new layer, and "fill" it with the History snapshot.

                ps: you must have "show new snapshot dialog by default" checked in the History palette options


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                  And yet another alternative...

                  Create a new layer (top of the layer stack makes sense, but it could be anywhere).

                  While holding down Alt, Layers > Merge Visible

                  Same result as Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E w/o the keyboard acrobatics.

                  True confessions: I use Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E -- one of my favorites.


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